031108  Day one, Tuesday. 

Okay, Iím in Austin and itís not raining.  Good. This should be posted on the web site Thursday morning, if all goes well.  So, hereís what happened on Tuesday.  Travel to Austin went as expected.  Long Beach, Phoenix, and on to Austin. Checked in at the Hampton Inn.  Checked in at the convention center and picked up my bag to swag. Iíve already ditched 80% of the stuff. Lots of free drinks and food, live music everywhere.

It is much more crowded on Tuesday, than in years past.  At night I made it up to Stubbs for a SXSW opening event. Had a complementary drink and left.  Electronic music is not what I am into.  Lots of free shows tonight.  I did go by Beerland, where The Drams and Two Cow Garage were playing along with one of my favorites, Grand Champeen.  But, they were charging a cover.  Not to mention, when I looked at line waiting to get in.  It was all dudes.  Now, with all the free shows and fine looking women running around Austin right now.  I'm not going to a club thatís all dudes and pay a cover charge as well.  So, I walked on down the road.  Ended up at Friends, which was having an Australian get together. Caught two bands that I donít remember the names of and decided it was time to head back to the hotel to catch up on some news, and try to get to bed and a somewhat decent hour. Back at the hotel, it looks like I forgot to pack some things.  So, I'll be hitting a pharmacy some time in the morning.  Oh well.

Hereís some advice to any of you attending the event this year.  All the swag and freebies that you picked during you stay.  Buy a shipping box, about $3, and packing tape, about $3, and ship the stuff home.  That  cost about $10.  I fill out the box with most of my dirty laundry.  You donít want to carry that stuff back on the airplane with you, do you?

031208 Day two, Wednesday

Okay, so the new site is up.  Looks like the old site, doesnít it?  Well, Iím busy guys. So, for some reason itís been hard to get good pictures this year.  I try harder today.  Did a lot of walking yesterday and it got warm.  Suppose to be in the upper 90ís by Friday.  I walked up and down Town Lake, which is really a river and not a lake.  But this is Texas and they can call it what they like.  Made it down the The Yard Dog to catch the BAAMOís 6th  Annual Florida Bandango.  Got some tasty alligator chili with black beans and rice with a couple of beers.  Caught the first three artists of the show. And then it was time to move on.  Hit the Tucson Scene day party.  And made it the DoneWaiting.com party at the Creekside Lounge

More to come.

Everbody that comes here, takes the same picture.

Monument to of all things, Barbed Wire.

This is Texas, after all!

South Congress Bridge.

I'm not quite sure why this is here.

Malcolb Holcombe, BAMMO Party.

Some band from Tucson

AA Bondy, DoneWaiting.com Party.

Midgetmen, DoneWainting.com party.

Trey Stapleton Band