031308 Day Three, Thursday

Okay, a couple of things to start with:

First, my camera sucks in low lighting.

Second, I will eventually go back and add links the many of the artists and such.

Third, the only feed back I received from yesterdays post was to get more shots of women.  Okay guys, I did.  Ladies, sorry, I guess Ill have to cook for you some night.

The highlights from yesterday were, meeting Tift Merritt, The Sounds of Spain party. The bands, all from Spain, seen and liked were, We Are Standard, Remate and La Loco Band and Jet Lag.  The Japan Bash Party was great again this year. Japanese bands seen and liked were, Ketchup Mania and Peelander-Z.  I also, made it to the New Zealand Music Commission Party and caught a couple bands.  There I ran into the legendary,  Kim Fowley. I promised to plug his Sirius radio show.  And yes, I did get a picture with him.

The lowlights from yesterday were that they are way too many people coming here now with their Its all about me mentality.   And I fear that it is only going to get worse as with get into the weekend.

Now some pictures.

Do I have to say anything more

The ladies from Uncensoredinterview.com

Petty Booka trys to get me to come to her show. I may go.

Tift Merritt. One of my favorites

Free Monster energy drinks for all

These is a catch all tables at the convension center. Everynight they clear them off. Everyday, it gets full again

Crowds at the British BBQ

T-Baby and Amber working at the Dirty Dog

Lot of Paelle at the Spain party

The paella must be good

We Are Standard, Spain party

We Are Standard, Spain party

Remate and La Loco Band, Spain party

Jet Lag, Spain party

More Jet Lag

Want to see the Detroit 7? She''ll be there on stage.

We got sushi at the Japan Bash

Ketchup Mania, Japan Bash

Some metal band plays 6th street at night