031507 Day 3 SXSW Blog  Recap of day 2

Yes, there is sun in Austin.  I knew this, of course.  Iíve been here before, remember.  Okay, so thereís what happened after I left my room, yesterday.  The rain had kind of stopped, and it was just misty, now.  I decided that I might check out the LBJ museum, so it started the walk up Red River Blvd. And I walked and I walked.  Still no museum.  This thing is one h--- of a long way up here, Iím thinking. Better break down and ask someone where itís at.  Got as far as ML King Blvd , when I spotted a local.  How far up?  I asked the local.  Still another 3 quarters of a mile. She said to me.   F--- that!  I thought.  Iím not walking another 3 quarters of a mile to this museum.  I didnít vote for this LBJ anyway.  Well, I couldnít have, of course. Not old to know what voting was, then.   So, I didnít take one step north across ML King.  I turned around and when it the opposite direction.  Long walk for nothing.  So, now itís about noon and Iím walking  back down to South Congress to go to the Yard Dog Gallery to catch the  5th annual BAMMO Bandango.  This will be my 3rd  annual trip to the BAAMO Bandango.  Along the way, well, right across the street from the Yard Dog is Gueroís Taco Bar.  Itís been a regular stop of mine for the last 6 years.  Itís a great place to do some people watching.  So, I saddle up at the bar and order a margarita on the rocks, and some chips and salsa.  As soon as I do this, one of the two girls to my left dumps over her margarita on the bar.  Good waste to a drink. Iím thinking.  I tried to tell her, that itís customary to buy a round for the people at the bar, when you spill your drink.  She wouldnít go for it.  Nice try, anyway.  So, after a few margaritas, itís time to go across the street and up the alley to the show.  Free beer and alligator chile for all.  Every year these guys have some the the best alligator chile, rice and black beans, that they serve up free with lots of free micro brew as well.  It actually flowed more than the rain did yesterday.   Even though the rain had stopped the crowd was pretty thin the whole time that I was there. Thatís okay, donít have to stand in line for beer.  I got to here the first 5 bands, and you can check out who they were by going to the BAAMO web site. I took a few pictures and I attach those to this email.  None of the 5 bands were anything special, except for The Beauvilles.   If they come to a town near you, go see them. Theyíre original.  I did get a chance to speak to them after they played, and they did play the Bandango two years ago.  During the Mojo Gurus set, I decided that I had seen enough and it was time to go.  Walked back up South Congress and headed over to the Canadian Blast event.

More to come on this. 

The Beauvilles

The Mojo Gurus

An Austin Local. Hookem Horns, I guess

Does anyone have cheap outhouses these days? St. Vincent do Paul Thrift Store does. Two colors to choose from. And free parking as well.

Sixth Ave. Wednesday nite. Every nite, it gets more crowded on the street

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