031607 Day 4 SXSW Recap of day 3

Okay, a little business first.  Because there are new people comings on board for the emailing, I do have to rehash one thing. That is, some of the folks on the list have email filters that may or may not let certain phases or words threw, and they may not get the mailing.  So, I have adopted a new approach.  If I must use one of there questionable words, I will do so, in this manner.  I will spell the first letter of the word, and use hyphens or dashes for the remaining letters.  Hereís a crash course test.  Fill in the blanks. ďGet the f--- off my boots.Ē  ďI was planning on talking them back tomorrow.Ē  Fill in the blanks.  Okay, enough said.  Okay, sports fans.  I was 14 and 2 in my basket ball brackets last night.  Enough said.  Hereís something new today that I may or may not incorporate into the entry form here on out.  I called 3 things that I liked and 3 things that I disliked about yesterday.  Okay, so there it goes.  3 things that I liked about yesterday, in no particular order: The Mother Truckers, The Japan Bash Party, The free BBQ food.  Alright, the 3 things that I disliked about yesterday, in no particular order:  The 6th Street crowds, people wining that itís too hot, The Meat Puppets. Now, I might get deeper into these 6 things later down the page and I may not.  Weíll see.

Letís talk about the Trade Show.  The one where you use to get lots of free CDís and t-shirts.  The venders get less and less giving every year.  I still manage to walk out of there with a lot of stuff.  Hereís a big secret.  And this is true for all about SXSW and life in general.  Do you want to hear what it is?  Okay, hereís the what itís about.  Business cards go a long way and get you into places that you may not get into.  I have my own, but if you donít.  Just use the ones that other people give you.  Itís the gift that keeps on giving.  Okay, end of lesson.  I will still go back to the trade show on Saturday, when the vendors donít want to take all their items back home with them.

Now the parties.  I went to a bunch.  These were the go ones.  The Japan Bash.  Iíve gotta say a few things about this.  This organization has been bringing bands over here for years.  Every year, the bands that they bring over, are better than the year before.  Japanese bands are really good at working the crowd and getting them involved into the show.  Check one of these bands out next time youíre here for SXSW.  Youíll see what I mean.  Next, the New Zealand Industry party was good.  Really good free BBQ and I got to spend a lot to time talking to Shayne Carter form the band Dimmer, about, well, living in New Zealand.  And hereís to the good parties that I dropped into and donít know who sponsored or put them on.  Okay, the only bad one.  The Anodyne Records party.  Went to see the Meat Puppets.  Warring, this is not the same Meat Puppets from the 80ís.  They were never really that good at playing their instruments, now theyíre worse.  And the people didnít really know who the Meat Puppets  were.  These people saw the Puppets on MTV playing with Nirvana back in 93 and thatís all they know about them. So, because they played with Nirvana, we have to be yuppie picks and say that theyíre the greatest, even though they sucked.  Okay, enough bout that.At night, go to see Bob Mould, Rocky Votolato, The Hacienda Brothers and the Mother Truckers.  Four good sets by all.  Now the pictures.


Iím not sure who this is, other than they were from London UK. Thatís a nice shirt.

One of those Japanese bands that I was telling you about

ANOTHER of those Japanese bands that I was telling you about


The Hacienda Brothers

Teal, of The Mother Truckers

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