031707 Day 4 recap

Okay, this is gonna be short cause I gotta run.  So Im just gonna tell you what  I liked and disliked about Friday at SXSW.  First, what I liked in no particular order:  Buffalo Tom, Irish breakfast, The Gore Gore Girls, The Bloodshot Records Party and the Australian Music Collective BBQ.  The only dislike, was this falling down drunk Canadian at The Drams show.

More to come, later.

Okay, here some  of the pictures from Friday.


Aussie, Dallas Crane

Children Collide, Melbourne, AU

Johanna, yells at me for something that I said. Think shes pissed? Shes not really. she's usually like this.

Some band, Some bar roof top possers

Some of my Bloodshot Records party friends. Hailing form Austin, Detroit, and New Orleans.

Bloodshot Records party in the Alley. Guess what we'e all waiting for?

South Congress scenes

Bill, from Buffalo Tom

The London band, Goldrush, with some friends.

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