031907 SXSW Final


Okay, so this is my last entry this year.  Hereís the final recap of yesterday and thoughts of the week follow a little further down the page.  Left my hotel with about 5 hours to kill before I had to be at the airport.  I was invited to a BBQ that afternoon at a friends house.  Didnít make it.  Sorry guys, wasnít able to find your business card until I unpacked my stuff this morning. Weíll get together next year and Iíll buy the beer.  Okay, I know itís all free, so Iíll stand in line and get it for everyone. I decided to take the long walk over to Lamar and check out Cheapo Records.  Now, Cheapo Records is anything but cheap.  They donít have a real good selection, either.  They do, however, have a very good selection of Texas artists.  Only thing is, you need to go there with some local, who knows whatís good.  I killed of my last hours, before catching the shutter to the airport at BD Rileys, for one last pint.  Everyone was friendly and I sat at the bar next to some kid that wanted to show me his new cell phone. He had some girls name, and no phone number.  He was telling me that this always happens and he never remembers to put her phone number in when he gets her name.  I realized that things hadnít changed that much since I was about this kids age.    I looked at the clock and realized that I had about 15 minutes before my ride left for the airport.  Suddenly, this great sadness came upon me, and yours truly, damn near started to cry.  No shit!  I donít want to go home.  I want to stay here in Austin.  Finally, I composed myself and left for my ride to the airport.  AUS to PHX. PHX to LGB.  Now, Iíve made this flight several times in the past and the flight form AUS to PHX is about 2 and a half hours. It, however, seems to take much longer. We were up in the air for what seemed to be about two and a half hours and I look down and weíre over El Paso. Crap, weíre only half way to Phoenix.  This sucks.  I get to Phoenix, and right away somethingís up. I get off at gate 16 and go over to the monitor to find my connecting flight.  Hey, itís suppose to leave form gate 16 in a hour.  What are the odds that your connecting flight is leaving from the same gate that you arrived at. Probably not to good , right?   Guess what?  I go back to gate 16 and the flight listed on the board  at the time mine is suppose to leave, is going to Oakland. Oakland?  What gives?  I think that itís this 16 - 16 thing.  16 and 16 is 32, times .5, minus 12 in dog years, is a negative number.  And that canít be a good thing, right?   Turns out, my flight is two hours late and leaving from a different gate. Whatís next.  Well, I finally made it home after a week, and my critters were was happy to see me after a week of not eating.  Just kidding.  Donít call the humane society me.  The Snow Bunny took care of them while I was away.


So, I can talk about the music, and I can talk the freebies, and I can talk about this, and I can talk about that.


But, hereís the last comment that I will make about this week.

This year, it  has mostly been about all the people that I have met and have become my friend.  Funny how their friends automatically became by friends as well.  Itís been a hell of a fun week to remember, hasnít it?  Iíll try to catch up with you next year, sooner, maybe.   Thanks to all.


Now, hereís where you all get to share youíre thoughts about this email blog with me.

Good, bad, donít care. Whatever.  PS, for those of you on the list and canít read.  Look at the pictures. And I have many more pictures.  Not quite sure how Iím gonna get them posted to share with you.  Cheers.  Until next year.