Saturday Afternoon  SXSW Update 031707

Okay, I had to meet someone this morning, so I couldnít expand on this entry.  This one is mostly about advice to those of you that are here and leaving for home, probably, tomorrow.  Or coming in the future.  This is something that Iíve figured out and have been doing for the last couple years that Iíve attended SXSW. You know all those CDís and swag you pick up during the time youíre here. Weíll, instead of trying to take them back with you on the airplane.  Buy a shipping box, about 2 to 3 dollars, a long with packing tape 2 bucks and ship them back home. Usually, under 20 bucks.  I fill my box out with most of my dirty laundry.  You donít want to carry that stuff on the airplane, anyway.  Now, for the last 4 days, Iíve been eating and drinking for free. I am so sick of smoked brisket right now. I  really could use a salad.  Elvissa, I need to see ya about some presentation ideas before I leave tomorrow.  De plane! De plane! leaves at 6 pm.  Get in touch with me.  I finally got to Mojo Mayhem a little late this afternoon, and didnít catch ya there.  Better late than never.  PS.  The New Duncan Imperials ROCK!  More to come.

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031807 SXSW Night 5 recap

Iím fumbling around this morning, trying to get all my things together in order to get out of here. Iíve a few hours to kill before going to the airport, so I guess that I get to find out whatís open on Sunday in downtown Austin.

Okay, hereís what happened last night. I did a lot of walking and not much listen to music early in the night.  I stopped by several clubs, never really found any of the acts able to get me to stay any longer that a song or two.  Ended up at the Red Eve Fly for the Bloodshot Showcase.  Why, because I know a lot of the people that go to this event and it always a good time.

More to come.

Now, hereís some pics: 

Walter, from the Silos, plus Jon D. Graham

Rachael, from the Detroit Cobras

Rachael, down and almost out

The Waco Brothers

Jon and Dean, The Waco Brothers

What some to the Waco Brothers do between songs

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