SXSW 2007 Tuesday

031307  Day 1 SXSW Blog. 

Jimís in Austin, and it is raining like, well, Iíll keep it clean. Cats and Dogs. Okay, I canít anymore, itís one hell of a rain storm.  Flight to Austin was pretty much uneventful.  No problems in Long Beach and no problems in Phoenix.  The airline didnít loose my luggage and things are pretty good.  Except for the rain.  Oh well, it canít rain the whole time Iím here. And if it does, so what.  Staying at the Hampton Inn downtown again and the rooms great.  Great location. Two blocks form the South Congress bridge, and four blocks form 6th.  Tried to phone my fried Elvissa when I got in.  Doesnít seem sheís returning my phone calls, or emails, for that matter.  Donít know what I did or said, or what negative vibe I gave off last time I saw her.  Oh well.  Already made it over to the SXSW registration.  Got my badge, and my really big bag of crap, I mean swag.  Of course, Iíll ditch 90% of it.  I will find the time to do this later. Made it up the Shakespeare Pub, where one of my favorite bartenders works, Steph.  Only thing is, he doesnít work there anymore.  Heís now a local rep for a liquor distributor and engaged. Good for him.  I will miss talking to him about our March Madness basketball brackets. So, Iím sitting here at the hotel wondering want am I going to do tonight.  Itís still raining and I really donít want to go out on a long walk to somewhere. If the rain slows down, I may end up at the Hole In The Wall, which gets more crowed every year, or this Tejas party down the street. Weíll see in about an hour or two.  More to come.

Next Morning.

031407 Day 2 SXSW Blog. Night 1 recap.

Okay, two points that I need to make right now.  First one.  I realize that those of you with school district email addresses may not have gotten yesterdays first entry. Due to my animated vocabulary, and the district email filter.  I will re-edit that entry and send it off later.  From now on, I will try to write a much cleaner verse.  And if I canít, I will spell out the first letter and use a hyphen in place the rest of the letters. Try this one on. ďGo to h---!Ē  Fill in the blanks.  This could be fun.  I apologize to those of you not censored, I mean, filtered by the school district.  But, thereís always some kid who pees in the pool, and everyone has to get out. Fill in the blanks.  Okay, second point.  My hotel room at night is full of hazards.  First hazard is the corner of the desk that in about thigh high.  And, another hazard is, the corner in the bathroom next to the toilet that sticks out and you can easily crack your skull, lifting up or putting down the toilet seat.  Now, I know what you guys are saying.  Why put down the toilet seat.  And, I know what you ladies are saying.  How thoughtful, he puts down the toilet seat.  And, Iím sure some of you are saying.  What has this got to do with anything?  Well, Iím not really sure.  But, I do remember the very first time that I lived with a lady and didnít put down the toilet seat. I wonít get into it, but, letís just say that I always put down the toilet seat now.  Okay, on the something else.  Remember that really big bag of swag that I picked up at the SXSW registration.  Well, hereís whatís in it.    A bunch of trade rags, a couple cdís, and a bunch of  awareness handouts.  There was one, I think for global warming, with a picture of Al Gore covered in solar panels. You can cover Al Gore with a lot of solar panels theses days.  Heís huge. Only two things in the bag really stood out.  A condom, that, the only words that I can read are, 1995.  Gee, do you think itís still good?  And a Voo Doo doll tied to a cd case.  I am attaching a picture of Voo doo doll. Sorry, I wonít be attaching a picture of the condom.  Okay, enough of that.  Itís finally day light and itís still raining. 

So, hereís what happened last night.  Having not eaten since the day before, I was ready to get some food.  I didnít go to the usual 6th Ave., but headed west to the other side of Congress Ave, up to 4th, where thereís many restaurants.  Most of them looked a little out of my price range, so I ended up at Fadoís Irish Pub. I saddled up at the bar, and took a look around.  Now, this place has carved wood like an Irish Pub.  But it also has paintings on the ceiling, like itís Italian. And a Southwest American Indian part of it, as well.  And thereís this really big, long painted, styrofoam rock hanging form the ceiling.  It reminded me of the first Star Trek series.  IE, the Gorn episode.  You know.  The episode where the lizard thatís dressed like Fred Flintstone, keeps throwing styrofoam boulders at Captain Kirk.  Took a look at the menu and ordered fish and chips.  Why?  Because it was the dark at the bar and I couldnít make much out on the menu.  So I assumed  that, since this is an Irish bar, they should have fish and chips.  They did. Got my fish and chips, and to my surprise, it had two very large pieces of fish with 5 or 6 large fries and a big cup of Southwest coleslaw.  It was all very tasty.  As I finished my meal, an Irish folk band began to play.  It was a three piece band, consisting of a guy on a drum, a guy on fiddle, and a guy on bouzouki. They were quite good.  A few songs in, at a table or two over, a bachelorette party was going on.  A little later, this bachelorette comes over to me and says.  ďI canít go home until all my candyís gone.Ē  She had on a candy necklace.  Okay, I get it.  I lean in with my teeth and get a piece of candy from her necklace and her friends take pictures, and they laugh about it latter.  So, I lean it to get my candy.  And you know what happens, I somehow bit into the string that keeps the candy together, and yes my friends, all that candy fell on to the floor.  Oooops, sorry, I guess you can go home now.  All was not lost, I made up by buying them all a round of some girly foo foo shots. And, Iím sure that later on, that bachelorette finally got to go home.  End of that.  So the band finishes there first set, and I go over to the guy to talk about the bouzouki.  He was pretty informative about different stringings and tunings. So, Now, I gotta get me one of those bouzoukis. Okay, time to leave and it finallystopped raining.  Went up to 6th and caught a few songs from 3 or 4 bands.  Not much there that really stood out. So, I went back to the hotel and called it a night.

So, I wake up this morning and Iíve got a bruise on my thigh and a bump on my head.  Yes, my hotel room is full of hazards at night.  Allright, time to go down stairs and get some coffee and fruit for breakfast.

More to come.


That Voo Doo doll that I mentioned.

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